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Supervisory Skills

This course helps participants to have a broader view of the role of the supervisor and helps define expectations and set standards.
1 Day
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£1200 + VAT

Course Introduction

By the end of the course participants will have a broader view of the role of the supervisor, be able to describe how to define expectations and set standards, identify practical ways to monitor performance and shape behaviour. They will also have an insight into choosing and using different leadership styles and be able to identify what makes a team.

Who should attend?

This course is suitable to those who wish to develop their skills in dealing with people defining expectations, monitoring performance and giving positive reinforcement to shape behaviour. It will also help to develop confidence in handling challenging situations and people problems.

Course Content

  • the effective Supervisor
    • exercise: “Profile”
    • the role of the Supervisor
    • results and discussion
  • managing performance
    • exercise: “Communicating Effectively”
    • giving feedback to shape behaviour
    • goal setting and setting standards
    • praising
    • reprimanding
  • effective leadership
    • diagnosing the development level of individuals review of four leadership styles
    • exercise: “The Interaction Game”
    • adapting leadership styles to a range of situations
    • effective solutions to current challenges
  • the effective team
    • identifying why some teams are more successful than others
    • evaluating team strengths and weaknesses
    • dealing with teamwork issues
  • personal action planning
  • workshop review

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