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Introduction to Management/Supervision

By the end of the course delegates will be able to recognise the transition they need to make from team member to team leader
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Course Introduction

It is critical to the success of any training course that it is not conducted in isolation. During the course, delegates will investigate, discuss and learn skills directly relevant to their role. Giving them the confidence and credibility to excel as managers. By the end of the course delegates will be able to recognise the transition they need to make from team member to team leader. Understand the strengths of the individual members of the team, how to motivate and lead them, how to plan and communicate the work to be done, and achieve success for themselves, the team and the organisation.

Who should attend?

This course is a valuable learning experience for anyone who has moved or is moving into a management/supervision role and who wants to excel in the role of manager / supervisor. It will build on skills and knowledge, introduce the key fundamentals of management and introduce the skills required to achieve success through the direction of others. The day will take delegates through; understanding the members of the team, what motivates them, how to ensure productive interaction with each other, organising the work to be done and managing it through.

Course Content

  • Discussion
    Through discussion investigate the role of a manager/supervisor giving the group a chance to ascertain the role of an effective leader and the challenges it will create for them as individuals.
  • Investigate and Understand
    The tools and skills that will enable delegatesto recognise the characteristics of their team members and what individual roles each member will play in a successful team.
  • Team analysis (individual exercise)
    To ensure the relevance of the course, individuals will take time to consider the people they manage and the strengths and weaknesses of the individuals in a team environment, enabling them throughout the day to align the theory with practical actions to be taken. During this session delegates will be introduced to the dynamics of the team and how to utilise the individual skills of each team member in achieving exceptional results.
  • Key management skills
    A review of the skills that can be considered critical for every manager;

    • motivation through praise
    • acting as coach and counsellor
    • recognising and addressing conflict
    • choosing the right person for the right task
  • Effective completion of projects – getting the job done.  Whether ongoing or specific short term projects / the planning and communicating of work is key to a managers success. Planning the work-load and keeping the team on track are essential to a managers success and covered in detail.
  • Personal Action planning 
  • Workshop review
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