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Intermediate Level Personal Accident Insurance

The aim of this intermediate level course is to develop delegates’ knowledge of Personal Accident and Sickness insurance.
1 Day
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£1200 + VAT

About the course

The aim of the course is to develop delegates’ knowledge of Personal Accident and Sickness insurance.  It explores a little more deeply the aspects, which need to be understood by those involved in providing Personal Accident technical or administrative services.

Who should attend?

This course provides a follow up and refresher course to the Introductory Personal Accident and Sickness insurance course.

Course Content

    • A review and discussion of Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance
      • background and type of policy — e.g. single, group, PA & Sickness etc
      • accident cover and Sickness cover
    • A review and discussion of policy cover including the scope of typical cover and principles of non-indemnity insurance, including
      • features and benefits and policy extensions including levels of cover
      • policy definitions
      • conditions
      • exclusions
    • A discussion that covers practical claims investigation, including;
      • claim forms and claims documentation and policy cover including exclusions
      • liaison with GPs and specialists and the importance of the Access Medical Reports Act 1998
      • fraud indicators and the use of external investigators
      • calculating benefits and settlements
    • This section includes relevant case law and case studies
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