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Intermediate Level Commercial Property Insurance

This course is suitable for those already working in the field of commercial property.
1 Day
Max delegates:

Course price:
£1200 + VAT

Course Introduction

This course is suitable for those already working in the field of commercial property.

Who should attend?

This course has been designed for delegates with previous involvement in commercial property insurance.  A good grounding in commercial property insurance practices is desirable.

Course Objectives

After attending this course delegates should be able to:

  • Understand the factors affecting underwriting decisions related to property location.
  • Evaluate the impact of occupancy on assessing risks associated with commercial properties.
  • Analyse the influence of construction types on property insurance and risk management.
  • Assess manufacturing processes and associated risks within various trades.
  • Evaluate management’s approach to health and safety regulations and its impact on insurance considerations.
  • Identify and recommend physical protections to mitigate risks to insured properties.
  • Understand various Fire Extinguishing Appliances (FEA) to property risk assessment.

Course Content

  • location factors affecting underwriting
  • effects of occupancy when considering a risk
  • construction and its effects on property insurance
  • a study of manufacturing process and the influence of various trades
  • management attitude to health & safety, housekeeping, smoking regulations etc
  • physical protections to the property insured
  • a review of various FEA’s
  • cover and values for fire, perils and theft
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