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Communication & Motivation Skills

This course is valuable for delegates who would like to enhance their communication and motivation skills.
1 Day
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£1200 + VAT

Course Introduction

By the end of the workshop delegates will be able to:  Describe the main features of motivated and demotivated behaviour.  Identify their own motivators.  Identify areas of their working lives where motivation may be a problem.  Adopt and practise techniques to help them motivate others Identify the main methods by which we communicate and how influential each method is.  Demonstrate good questioning and listening skills.  Offer both positive and critical feedback in a constructive manner.  Accept feedback appropriately.

Who should attend?

This course is valuable for anyone who wants to enhance their communication and motivation skills.  Every aspect of our working lives is affected by how we relate to others, how we motivate or de-motivate them. For example, how often are important messages misunderstood or not communicated positively?  This highly interactive course will show delegates how to communicate and motivate with greater skill and confidence.

Course Content

  • icebreaking exercise & introductions
  • discussion
    • what is motivation?
    • why is motivation important?
  • group exercise
  • signs of motivation/signs of lack of motivation
  • personal review of motivational problems
    • delegates think of the real problems/difficulties they have with motivating their team. These will be used as case studies later
  • exercise/questions
    • what motivates us?
    • what can you do to motivate others?
    • what makes a good/bad communicator?
    • important methods of communicating e.g. words/voice/body language
    • content & process
    • mixed messages
    • open and closed questions
    • practice asking open & closed questions
    • probing (Funnelling)
  • keeping control – listening
  • exercise in 2 groups:
    • what are the barriers to listening
    • how do you know someone is listening?
    • giving & receiving feedback
    • practice giving & receiving feedback in pairs
    • shapes excersise
    • listening “trick” questions
  • case studies
  • use the skills practiced today to carry out role-plays looking at the motivation issues discussed earlier
  • personal action planning
  • workshop review and appraisal
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