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Mastering Binder Claims Bordereaux

This practical webinar takes a close look at the processing of claims bordereaux when managing binder agreements. 
90 minutes
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About the course

This practical course takes a close look at the processing of claims bordereaux when managing binder agreements.  Participants will acquire a thorough understanding of claims bordereaux and their significance.  Delegates will also gain practical skills for accurate analysis and interpretation and best practice for ECF presentation and cash calls.  The course includes hands-on exercises and analysis.

Course Content

Understanding Bordereaux

  • Introduction to bordereaux
  • Importance and purpose
  • Types of Bordereaux reports

Expected Contents and Accuracy Assessment

  • Defining expected data contents
  • Setting tolerances and thresholds
  • Techniques for assessing accuracy

Detecting Anomalies and Resolution

  • Identifying irregularities and anomalies
  • Strategies for data validation
  • Resolving discrepancies and errors

Resolving contradictions and discrepancies

  • Recognising contradictory data
  • Investigation techniques
  • Reconciliation methods

Binder Claims Presentation on ECF

  • Overview of Electronic Claims Files (ECF)
  • Linkage between UCRs and BDX
  • Efficient management of Binder Claims

Understanding Cash Calls in Binders

  • Fundamentals of Cash Calls
  • Importance in Binder Agreements
  • Fund transfer processes
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