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Negotiation Foundations

This course helps delegates plan and prepare for structured negotiation and develop strategies with clear objectives.
1 Day
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£1200 + VAT

Course Introduction

By the end of the course you will be able to plan and prepare for structured negotiation, develop strategies with clear objectives, use appropriate negotiating styles, influence power positions in a negotiation, create an appropriate negotiation climate, actively use verbal and non‐verbal communication as well as recognise the most common tactics.

Who should attend?

We all negotiate! This is a step to becoming the skilled negotiator our industry needs. The very best negotiators understand there are skills to be learned, honed and applied. These can be developed at any stage of a career.

Course Content

  • the discipline of planning ‐ negotiating styles and approaches ‐ needs ‐ managing the balance of power
  • structure and variables ‐ phases of a negotiation ‐ time, place, climate and process
  • negotiating behaviours ‐ positions and tactics ‐ signals and indicators ‐ concession‐making and “tradeables”
  • approach ‐ the approach is a blend of: ‐ input sessions and discussion – to develop knowledge ‐short practical work ‐ to apply knowledge, try skills and develop confidence ‐ feedback – to accelerate competence and reinforce confidence
  • personal action planning ‐ You will plan to enter your next negotiation with solid planning and preparation, clear objectives and positioning, and greater confidence
  • the need to negotiate, to produce creative outcomes in a regulated market, has never been greater. The only alternative is the risk is that you might be out‐negotiated – and never even know it
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