CII Customer Service in Insurance Revision Day (IF9) - Open Course
Date: 28 June 2013
Location: CII Face-to-Face Training Centre, Fountain House, 130 Fenchurch Steet, London EC3M 5DJ

Duration: One day
Price: £150 + VAT, for all nominations made before 01 June 2013, £175 + VAT, for all nominations made thereafter
Places available

About the course
This course provides the examination candidate with the opportunity to assess their learning in advance of taking the examination.
The day is filled with a variety of exercises that enable delegates to cement their learning of the subject and enhance their chances of passing the examination.
The aim of the workshop is not just to enable delegates to pass but also to enhance their working knowledge of the importance of providing quality customer service in the insurance industry.

Who should attend?
Examinations students who are well underway with or nearing the end of their studies and are within six weeks of attempting their examination.

Workshop Content
Exercises can cover any of the main subjects contained in the syllabus at the request of the delegates, namely:

  • know how to fulfil customer requirements in the insurance sector 
  • understand the importance of customer feedback to improve service in the insurance sector 
  • understand the importance of good communication to maintain and build client relationships in the insurance industry 
  • know how to deal with conflict within an insurance environment 
  • understand the importance of keeping accurate and confidential records when dealing with customers 
  • know how to manage own workload and time to meet business requirements and timescales 
  • know how to work with others to achieve team and organisational objectives 
  • understand the sales process 
  • know how to increase sales activities 
  • know the main regulatory and legal requirements applicable to the application of insurance business

During the day, there would usually be exercises sufficient to cover between 7/8 of the above.